Face to Face – Ordinary Heroes: Celebrating young changemakers

At the House of Arts, Dubniczay Palace, a compelling exhibition titled “Face to Face – Ordinary Heroes” is currently underway, celebrating the transformative experiences of nearly 70 young people from diverse and challenging backgrounds. These youths participated in the YOUTH+ – From Us To You programme, an 18-day international training process that reshaped their understanding of self and their impact on the world. The exhibition focuses on the journey of these young participants, coming from environments such as foster care, settlements, migrant communities, and rural areas. Under the guidance of trainers from the Youth+ partners, these young individuals took charge of planning and executing various volunteering activities, demonstrating their potential.

Volunteering: A Canvas of Change

“Face to Face – Ordinary Heroes” showcases a variety of volunteering initiatives across several regions. Participants from Hungary and Transylvania organized activities for children in need in Ózd, Eger, and Târgu Mures. Spanish volunteers facilitated workshops for young migrants, helping them adapt to new surroundings. In Latvia, youths engaged in addiction prevention programs, and in Germany, music was used as a medium for intercultural dialogue in Kleve. The series of training culminated with a leadership course in Latvia and the YOUTH+ International Youth Forum and Professional Conference. A central theme of the exhibition is the realization among these young individuals of their inherent ‘superpower.’ It highlights how their actions and thoughts can significantly influence the world, underscoring the importance of self-awareness and personal empowerment in overcoming life’s challenges.

Journey from Participants to Role Models

The transition of these young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to becoming peer role models and agents of change forms a key narrative of the exhibition. The establishment of IFI+ groups to implement their own projects marks their evolution from being recipients of aid to becoming providers of support and inspiration to their peers.

An Interactive Exhibition Experience

“Face to Face – Ordinary Heroes” is an interactive, engaging experience that allows visitors to delve into the details of the program and the stories of the participants. It encourages visitors to reflect on broader societal questions, such as the signs of positive global change, the elements that unite humanity, and the future of youth work. This exhibition stands as a salute to the resilience and potential of ordinary young heroes who have demonstrated the power to effect positive change. It celebrates those who, despite daunting odds, have emerged as impactful contributors to society. “Face to Face – Ordinary Heroes” is more than just an exhibition; it is a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and the enduring spirit of youth.