Sanatsal ifade araçları

Our association has started an exciting experimentation with methodological fusion, adapting and combining easy-to-use tools from other methodologies, mainly artistic ones, in order to use the original outdoor experiential education tools more effectively. Artistic expression tools and methodologies are used within the framework of non-formal education, in consultation with experts from various therapeutic or recreational workshops. These are currently happening with the help of psychologists and movement therapists from Marchio&Patti Italy, Alive Arts UK, Lugar Específico Portugal and Marta Center Latvia. To enhance the combination basic psychoeducational tools were also added with the help of Lélekkel Hungary, and Outward Bound Romania also took part in the development process from the outdoor education angle. Incorporating new methodologies goes through a process of research, experimentation and adoption of good practices. We use the arts mainly to promote creativity, a feeling of freedom, the experience of self-expression for its own sake and, through these, supporting mental health, resilience and competence development in general. The artistic tools included are mainly the following:

  • free movement and dance, in a featured or group space
  • individual body work – relaxation, massage, internal organs
  • touching, connecting, exploring contact space
  • free drawing and painting – exploring individual symbols
  • short theatrical processes  
  • creating a collective artistic creation – labyrinth, performance, movement
  • multimodal artistic expression, uninterrupted representation of the same content through multiple media
  • nature as a space for inspiration and reflection