Heartland resilience and well-being conference testimonal

heartland conference

“Structure/organization: the frame of the program was set in a such an ideal way, that in the first 3 days of the program the group facilitators had the opportunity to dive into the activities by doing them, afterward the second part of the program was providing the beforehand experienced and revised, rethought activities to the participants and the last part contained drawing conclusions. This structure had two great achievements: the group facilitators could be improving themselves on personal level too, not only as facilitators, on the other hand, the first 3 days were awesome not only for learning, trying out new activities and making them better by analyzing them, but made a strong bond between the facilitators. This togetherness made the process of the following (planning the 3 days for the newcomers, delivering the program for them) so smooth and joyful. What I appreciate the most: the topic of the program (there is so much need for the burn out prevention between the educators, teachers), the vibe of the program, the combined elements that gave the depth of the program, the place where the program was held supported the depth of activities, the learnings…”