Katrin Berger: Safer schools – working against bullying with strengthening the community

ABOUT THE EPISODE:  in this episode, we spoke about antibullying and what we can do to have a safer climate in the classrooms. We went through the whole process of supporting a child who is bullied and involving peers as a support group into this. We discuss practical details of this process. The solution focused approach discussed here is a good example of an empowering intervention in groups of youth, that builds on the need for appreciation and connection.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Katrin Berger works with schools in Bremen, Germany supporting them as a solution focused practitioner and trainer at the governmental education services. She is self-employed as an SF therapist, mediator, and trainer  (Lösungswerkstatt). She is an ambassador of solution focused work in schools.


  • (00:00) – Introduction to the episode. 
  • (04:05) – Katrin’s way to solution focused work in school 
  • (07:30) – How to address problematic behavior, in a non-judgmental way 
  • (10:30) – How to start supporting an “unhappy child”? 
  • (13:00) – The support group. Who is in the group? 
  • (17:58) – What’s the invitation? How to start? 
  • (22:02) – Engaging the support group members. 
  • (24:45) – The role of parents.
  • (26:40) – The role of solution focused approach. 
  • (27:50) – Meeting the unhappy child again. 
  • (30:35) – Second meeting with the support group. 
  • (34:30 – Emotional safety, cynicism. Agents of friendship. 
  • (37:40 Strengthening relationships in the whole class.
  • (40:41 the impact of solution focused work with classes.
  • (43:50 Katrin’s contacts and the solution focused schools community


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