Via Kreaktion


Via Kreaktion stands for active participation in social development. We promote a responsible society in which the self-fulfillment of the individual contributes to solidarity, inclusion and sustainability.

Non-formal education, talent development
Our mission is to support people in their personal development. We achieve this by challenging people in creativity, encouraging them to remain open to new ideas and motivating them to use their strengths.

Citizen participation, codecision, local development
Together we can do more! By actively participating in local and international development and realizing common goals, we strengthen the feeling of togetherness, social awareness and self-confidence in our own ability to act.

Strengthen cooperation, create synergies
In cooperation with other actors, thinkers and connectors, we multiply our potential. By exchanging ideas and best practices we are constantly further developing as an organization.


  • Opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Civic participation
  • Tolerance, intercultural understanding, inclusion and sustainability

  • a space for people to develop and exchange their talents, strengths and ideas.
  • an environment of motivation to find new perspectives.
  • a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the areas of non-formal education, participation and innovation.