Source of Growth Podcast – Elina Marjamaki: Mental health as a skill

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“There is no one solution probably that fits every situation. Sometimes you have to be like “OK, let’s figure out together where we can find more help for you”. Or sometimes it’s like, “OK, tell me more about it”. Sometimes it’s like showing empathy. “OK, I feel for you, that is rough. Tell me more. How do you cope? How can I help you?” It’s one good question: What would help you in this situation? Maybe this is a common concern also with youth workers and also with teachers that we are afraid to ask how you are, because oh, my God. (…) It is a known fact that it has come out in so many places that people oftentimes need an interested other person, somebody who actively listens, and thinks about the different solutions together. What would help in this situation? Or we can go find if there is a need for some solution. If you need some help, we can let’s go check out together. I heard this one there. And a lot of times we need the empathy that somebody validates our life problems. That already is a gift for many people that you stop and listen to and you’re interested in. Not in that way that, “OK, hey, I have this is a great solution. This worked for me.” No, if it worked for you, it might not work for this person. If we always remember to create some kind of hope and optimism, we can get through this together and we will somehow remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

In the podcast, we talk about MIELI’s exemplary work in the field of youth work, promoting mental health for young people and the adults who work with them. We also discuss the concept of positive mental health, and why they say that mental health is a skill.

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