Csoportfolyamatok facilitálása, nem formális tanulás, csapatépítés

Krisztina Gyöngyösi

At our team-building trainings we combine experiential education with other exciting tools and techniques such as rock climbing, expeditions, art therapy elements, coaching, solution-focused approach. In our work, we target the unity of body, mind and spirit, striving to provide a life-changing experience that leads to lasting insights and change, helping individuals to develop self-awareness and self-reflection, and teams to work together more effectively. The programme is mainly about building trust, discovering what we value in each other and ourselves, and experiencing new experiences through adventurous challenges that increase team cohesion. 

The aim is for the group to become a team, working together and supporting each other. When people are able to work together as a team, when they know each other, feel safe not only physically but emotionally, are able to show themselves to each other and embrace each other’s true personalities, their effectiveness individually and as a team is greatly enhanced.

Every one of our trainings is unique, tailored to the needs that arise during the process, bearing in mind the goals you have set beforehand. Our team is made up of trainers with a broad and constantly updated knowledge portfolio.