Lugar Específico


We develop and support cultural mediation and Art-Education projects for different age groups: for a more stimulating childhood , for a more creative adult age and for a more dynamic old age .
In our activities, we always seek to explore different languages ​​and methodologies of artistic expression , and we encourage the public to create or enjoy art with a critical , open and innovative spirit .


  • promote the integration of contemporary art into the non-arts community
  • create a symbiosis between art , education , culture and community
  • act to change the education paradigm in Portugal
  • reinforce the importance of artistic expression for the well-being
  • combine art with a connection with nature
  • design and support projects that promote sociocultural development
  • use sustainable methodologies and habits – that’s why we always try to reuse materials from activities and/or waste
  • democratize community access to the arts and reinforce the transformative potential of education.


We intend to act in the promotion of personal development by bringing the community closer to artistic and creative tools. We believe art can help create a more tolerant and inclusive world.