Johanna Kronstedt: Chat support for the mental health of youth (PART 1)

Our guest was Johanna Kronstedt, an Online Youth Mental Health Counselor in Finland. She works at Sekasin Chat, where they provide mental health support for youth online, in chat format.

We can learn a lot from interaction with youth. Talking about difficult or heavy topics and having experience in such conversations is even more valuable. That’s why we invited her to share her experience and thoughts on topics that could be useful for people who are in any kind of remote support role for young people. We covered a lot of topics in the first part of our conversation. Starting from what is the difference between in-person and online support, how they prepare their counselors and crew, what are the signs of a good conversation, and what could be useful assumptions for people in supporting roles. We talked about how we can support someone who has suicidal thoughts. We can learn a lot from her experience and attitude toward young people.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Johanna Kronstedt is an Online Youth Mental Health Counselor at Sekasin Kollektiivi in Finland. She studied social psychology in Finland and solution focused therapy in Bristol, UK.


  • 00:00 Introduction to the episode
  • 2:58 Johanna’s background and what is mental chat? What does Sekasin do? 
  • 9:02 What happens in a support chat conversation? The advantages of a chat service
  • 11:42 The issues addressed by Sekasin and their self-definition. 
  • 16:30 How Sekasin prepares and supports their crew
  • 20:30 The signs of a good conversation. The difference between hearing and active listening. 
  • 30:41 Everyday conversations, hard topics. 
  • 33:58 Useful assumptions and psychological first aid. 
  • 37:49 mental health issues and supporting people with suicidal thoughts.


website of Sekasin: