What is Experiential Learning and Debriefing?

In this introductory video, we explore what is Experiential Learning, based on the model created by David Kolb, and as well the importance of debriefing and how it connects with Experiential Learning.

About this video tutorial
The footage for this video tutorial was shot during the YouTrain event “Method Lab” in late October of 2018 in Payerbach, Austria. We are grateful to the international participants of our event for their willingness to appear in the video.

Authors of the video scripts:
Sérgio Gonçalves, Yuliya Stankevich, Olga Kuczynska, Snezana Baclija Knoch, Jan Lai and MarCus Vrecer Graphics and illustrations: Coline Robin and Marco Politano Technical support: Giorgi Aronia and Vitalii Volodchenko Video production: Sijmen Tenwolde, Reinout van Schie

About us and the project
“YouTrain” is a long-term strategic partnership project which aims to increase the quality, reach and impact of non-formal education activities by creating a video toolbox for educators, and by promoting the use and production of educational video-tutorials in general.

In the frame of YouTrain, we produced a set of 5 introductory videos on important aspects and considerations in non-formal education, a set of 15 video tutorials on specific methods in non-formal education, and a manual on how to produce video-tutorials by yourself.