Haesun Moon: A compass for listening (PART 2)

In this episode, our guest was Haesun Moon who is a communication scientist, researcher coach, educator, and a great storyteller. In the second part of our conversation, we talked about connection and empathy in practice. She also answered some questions from listeners and shared some very inspiring examples from her coaching conversations.

About our guest:

Haesun Moon: Haesun is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching and the author of “Coaching A to Z”. She created the “Dialogic Orientation Quadrant” (DOQ).


  • (00:52) Talking about the future with youngsters
  • (04:10) -Connection and empathy in practice 
  • (08:50) – What do we learn from our clients? 
  • (13:05) – Mapping conversations with the clients 
  • (17:25) – Using recordings for learning coaching
  • (19:48) – Rupture and repair
  • (22:00) – Questions to Haesun
  • (24:01) – Change during the conversation
  • (28:10) – Listening under stress
  • (32:40)- Refusing a client
  • (37:07) – Solution focused approach and grief


Website: Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching: https://www.briefcoaching.ca/

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