Johanna Kronstedt: Chat support for the mental health of youth (PART 2)

This is the second episode of our conversation with Johanna Kronstedt, from Sekasin Chat, Finnland. As the importance of mental health and suicide prevention becomes more and more an important topic generally, it is covered more not only in the field of professionals directly involved in mental health, but in other fields as well, where non-therapeutic providers, other safe adults are present for young people. Youth Workers, coaches, teachers, family members can create a stronger safety net, support system for them. This episode covers topics that can contribute to that. I find talking to Johanna very educative and inspiring. I hope it helps you support young people around you better and with more confidence. 

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Johanna Kronstedt is an Online Youth Mental Health Counselor at Sekasin Kollektiivi in Finland. She studied social psychology in Finland and solution focused therapy in Bristol, UK.


  • 00:00 introduction to the episode
  • 1:55 Why is meaning a crucial topic in suicide prevention
  • 2:31 Solution focused intervention to create hope
  • 6:29 Why is solution focused approach adapted by Sekasin Chat
  • 8:22 They just want attention? How to react if someone talks about suicide? 
  • 11:24 How to end a conversation on suicide? 
  • 14:53 When should we be worried at the end of a conversation? 
  • 16:15 Making help more available, lowering the threshold.
  • 18:40 Calling 112.
  • 22:38 The case of minors. 
  • 25:35 What to keep in mind regarding suicide?
  • 26:56 Child safeguarding and the crisis chat service.
  • 30:46 How to keep our resilience when supporting youth?  


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