Wir teilen Ressourcen und Möglichkeiten, die Ihnen helfen können, als Jugendarbeiter zu wachsen

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Highly vulnerable young people face overlapping potential exclusion factors when it comes to participation in Erasmus+ and ESC mobility. Learn good practices to reduce these barriers and drive positive change.
Experience the HEART Resilience Tools.
Tools and Activities for Empowering Youth with Fewer Opportunities for Sustainable Change
If you are a youth or social worker working or planning to work with disadvantaged youth, or a teacher, trainer or facilitator working with volunteering as a non-formal learning tool within or
Listen to the latest episode of Source of Growth! Our colleague Árpád Bárnai talks to Elina Marjamaki, an expert from MIELI Mental Health Finland.
This post is an English translation of the article written by Marta Kovacs at 24.hu. See the original at the end of the post.
As she steps into the turbulent waters of adolescence, Anna (a pseudonym) represents the struggles and resilience of many at-risk Roma young women. Her story, a tapestry of challenges, dreams, and determination,
Creating a safe and supportive environment in non-formal educational settings is a crucial aspect of a trainer or youth worker's role. This blog post explores practical steps that can be implemented to
I had a dream last night. A big one. I dreamt of an ideal world, an ideal children's home. Which was empty. It was closed. But the reality is very different. There

I can say with a half-smile on my face that this year is indeed different from the others. Nevertheless, there is a significant dose of constancy: we continue to work with disadvantaged

Sometimes it's challenging to make a wise decision, for example, or to cope with disappointment or failure - I feel overwhelmed by bad feelings, I feel I can't meet the challenges I
I have to stop every now and then to give myself time, and that's more important than completing the task. It's actually what prevents burnout.
Heartland is a unique and innovative project that addresses the critical issue of mental health and well-being in helping professionals. By using non-formal educational methods, the project promotes resilience, destigmatizes mental health
The Heartland Project is a unique initiative that combines outdoor experiential education, cultural mediation and mindfulness with art expression to help professionals build resilience and overcome challenges in their personal and professional
Feedback from Beke Tünde, geography teacher from Sângeorgiu de Pădure/Erdőszentgyörgy and OBR trainer, how took part in HEARTLAND 10 days long course in Hungary, Három Kincs Völgye last summer.
Hand in Hand parenting Quality youth work by connection, listening WE SHOULD START WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON: YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE THE SCREAMING CHILD SHUT UP.
Essence+ is an Erasmus+ KA1 project which aims to bring together and share the essence of the experiences and good practices of the Academy of Experience over the last 16 years.
In order to become a healthy adult and develop the self-control necessary for social integration, a child must be able to safely experience independence, competence, playfulness, and spontaneity. Freedom to express one's