Peter Hofmann and Paola Bortini

I do not have any problems with my kids! Can I still benefit of Mindful Compassionate Parenting?   Mindful Compassionate Parenting is not about quick solutions to the most pressing challenges of parents!

It is about building capacity and strengthening – a training for parents to become more resilient, (self-)compassionate and mindful.  Capacities we all have but for its blossoming, it needs practice over time.

The content of the episode:

  • What is mindful parenting about? 
  • Self-compassion is building capacity for parents to deal with the storms of parenting life 
  • Being with your child for 5 minutes in full presence is more valuable than 30 minutes being distracted and mindless 
  • Being compassionate with one’s imperfections as parents brings lightness into our days! 
  • Noticing how stress creates distance between you and your kids. 
  • How many rules do you REALLY need as parents? 
  • Staying in contact with your (teenage) kid when times become 

About our guests:  Both of our guests have more than 20 years of international experience as facilitators, trainers and consultants.

  • For over 20 years Paola Bortini has been fascinated in strengthening people and organizations throughout Europe in liminal phases. The focus of her methodological approach is above all mindfulness, embodiment practices and the use of pure essential oils to support sustainable change and emotional intelligence. Born in Italy, she has lived and worked in many countries. Certified in .b Mindfulness in Schools, Mindful Compassionate Parenting according to Jörg Mangold, Mindful Self Compassion Teacher and Emotions Mentor Coach.  
  • Peter Hofmann is a trainer, facilitator of learning, and changemaker. He leads Train the Trainer programs, mindfulness based courses and facilitates team meetings as well as large group conferences. His work and approach centres around non-formal education, art of hosting, mindfulness and embodiment.  
  • They have started Limina in 2013 based on more than 15 years of experience as trainer, facilitator and consultant in the field of adult education, youth work, and learning mobility on an European level. LIMINA nowadays is known for its mindfulness and embodiment based programs as well as its expertise in designing and facilitating spaces for people to explore their relation with change and transition as well as self-care.   

Links to the episode:

Host info: Árpád Bárnai, a trainer and head of program and development for Academy of Experience, a Hungarian NGO. He started working with complex programs targeting youth at risk for more than 10 years. He designs the framework of such programs, leading them, and takes part in creating related professional content. He worked in a foster home for 5 years and later as a volunteer has worked in a Peruvian foster home and rainforest too. He works as a solution-focused professional, outdoor educator, trainer, and youth worker. Email:

What brought us together: Academy of Experience was established in 2005 when 12 enthusiastic people in Hungary were looking for new ways in education and found the method of experiential education. Their vision was and still is a colorful, inclusive, and open society, which is able to create equity. A society where everyone has the opportunity for self-realization, being part of a community, and has equal opportunities to thrive. More information: