The Youth+ Guidebook contains practical advice and hands-on tools for long-term active involvement of youth with fewer opportunities in local volunteering actions – how to increase their sense of initiative and civic engagement and to enable them to implement their local actions. It contains the necessary steps and useful approaches that make long-term impact possible. We strongly hope it will be a good source of information and inspiration for you to learn about what is important in keeping disadvantaged youth involved and active in youth groups for volunteering actions.

To create the Guidebook we have conducted in-depth interviews with 25 disadvantaged young people involved in volunteering projects, and 24 youth workers working with disadvantaged youth to find out what are the key ingredients in the long-term involvement of at-risk youth in non-formal learning programs.

In the following chapters, after briefly describing our research methods, we will first summarize our findings about what disadvantaged young people themselves say they need to stay engaged in volunteering youth projects. Then we will go deeper into the topic and see what experienced youth workers from within and outside our organizations found crucial in their work for the long-term involvement of these youth.

In the second part of the Guidebook, we summarize our recommendations for organizations working with youth on what they can do to keep disadvantaged young volunteers involved beyond volunteer projects, and we also included a detailed chapter on how they can use the power of social media to support these young groups of volunteers.

The Guide is available here: Y+ Guide – Transforming Lives Through Volunteering EN