Essence+ experience


Essence+ is an Erasmus+ KA1 project which aims to bring together and share the essence of the experiences and good practices of the Academy of Experience over the last 16 years. 

It is a personal and professional development opportunity for the youth workers involved in the project.

Maja’s experience with the Essence+ training course:

About the training course: Intense, joyfull, full of laughter, unexpected from the first moment, meeting very dear people, communicating on many levels, pushing trust and interdependence over personal borders and discovering new and higher grounds of connection with people and the team.

When I saw the plan of our week on the wall my first impression was not very happy. There were some things I didn’t like, for example mentioning the “comfort zone“, hm, nobody likes that 🙂, or something called “initiation“, what the hell?!, not me!

So, pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone was very nice, easy and almost comfortable, because we built very strong connections and mutual trust in the group in a very short time, thanks to team building activities that were fun, playfull, enjoyable and at the same time challenging, engaging and smartly chosen for this purpose.

“Field testing“ of the team on the expedition was fun and successful, although somewhat exhausting and for some of the team members maybe too much. My joints and knees hurt for a month or so after that exercise 🙂.

I liked climbing on the high rope elements, especially the Jacob’s ladder and I was very surprised at myself because, totally truthfully, I don’t like heights and never in my life had any wish to try and climb anything, not even the trees in my garden 😃.

Learning outcomes: upon coming back home I had a month to finish and submit the Erasmus+ project application with two partners that we started some time before, and I bravely took over the responsibility and leadership and we did a great job. Now we are waiting for the results, but the process of cooperation during that month was very easy and confident, without any stress for me, and I thank that directly to the Essence+ training course.

All in all, I feel that I have grown much through this course and I look forward to meeting you all again and to learning from you 🙂.

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